KarSun Enterprises’ standard policy is to insure all materials used are non-toxic, and that all labor practices conform to acceptable standards.  We will not handle any goods made with any form of prison or child labor.

We deliver in full compliance with CPSIA regulations.
As rules and regulations change, we consult with industry experts to insure that we can take full responsibility for your client’s order being compliant and risk-free.

Every order handled by KarSun Enterprises is inspected for QC:

  • Raw materials are inspected to confirm they match approved proof samples.

  • Printing, assembly and packaging are monitored and inspected during manufacturing.

  • For additional oversight, goods are spot checked by our inspectors prior to shipment.  Attributes checked are normally held to AQL 2.5/4.0 standards of acceptable deviation from approved proof samples.

Certified testing is available to demonstrate compliance with a variety of standards or regulations.  Certified test results normally require additional time and expense, and should be discussed and arranged on a case-by-case basis as necessary.

Examples of types of available testing include:

  • California Proposition 65 compliant – no banned/listed chemicals used

  • Flammability, mechanical safety, and toxicity (Lead/Heavy Metals testing)

  • CONEG / EN13428 compliant – Heavy Metals

  • ASTM F963 compliant – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

  • EU standard “EN-71” compliant – for children’s product and toy safety

  • RoHS compliant use of substances in electrical and electronic equipment

  • Chemical tests to detail the composition of materials used.

For goods regulated by agencies such as the FDA, KarSun is aware of and complies with necessary import regulations to insure goods are manufactured by registered facilities, clear customs in a timely manner, and will not be subject to recall upon distribution.

Auditing procedures are available to insure that factory workplaces are:

  • Socially compliant with safe and fair standards for workers.

  • Environmentally compliant with safe and acceptable standards of production.

Note that these can be time and cost intensive procedures.  KarSun currently has a soft-goods (cut and sew) factory that has been successfully audited for stringent social and environmental standards.  If your end buyer requires these standards we are ready to help.

How do we achieve such reliable compliance results?
KarSun benefits from a close partnership with our overseas offices.
Their experience sourcing, manufacturing and inspecting give us a situational advantage to know what is happening on the ground in China.
We get daily reports from our manufacturing facilities, track raw materials as they are processed through the supply chain, and arrange for any and all necessary tests in a timely and affordable fashion.