Karsun stakes our reputation on delivering reliable quality goods. Once you sign off on an approved proof, our inspectors guarantee your client will receive the same quality.

Custom: We custom manufacture unique promotional items designed by KarSun or your creative teams. These are made in our core factories so you never have to wonder what is happening on the production lines. It is as good as going direct, except that you can count on KarSun to manage and problem solve, and take full responsibility.

Existing: If you need an item currently being manufactured in China, we will find the specialized factory that produces it. Our agents evaluate the factory to confirm that they follow responsible manufacturing practices and have acceptable working conditions. The factory must also give our inspection teams access during proofing, production, printing and packaging so we can ensure QC. If these conditions are met, we will issue a quote that includes the peace of mind from knowing KarSun’s reputation stands behind the quality of the goods you order.



Through quick turn-around on quotes, product ideas, custom designs and samples, we partner with our clients to help you succeed in closing large volume orders. Price Quotes: We strive for 24 hour turn-around whenever possible, and will let you know if more time is required.  We stand behind every quote issued.

3-D renderings: Digital images of our promotional items are a valuable tool for use with your clients. They can save time and money when designing custom items, or create sales presentations with client branded images.

Samples: We will arrange for custom or existing samples as necessary to support your sales work.

Ideas: Our experience in the industry positions us to consult with you on upcoming project launches.  We can generate ideas and help you narrow the list down to prospects for rendering and pricing.



Our North American and Chinese offices synchronize our work to handle all aspects of production and delivery logistics. We make it easy and that’s why our clients say they can “sleep at night” when they place an order with us.

PO: Upon receipt of your PO our overseas staff is notified to assemble materials and reserve production time as necessary.